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Butcher-Made Burgers Make Your Menu Better

Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood has built a reputation for custom grinding high quality protein products for Canadian food service, retail and healthcare establishments for over 50 years. By taking advantage of improved consistency, yields, and labour costs, partnering with a burger producer will exceed your expectations and maximize your operation’s profitability.

Indulge your culinary creativity with butcher-made sausages

8 February 2024, Vancouver, BC  - Savour the difference that gourmet, butcher-made sausages bring to your menu or retail butcher case, while meeting demand for protein options that drive profitability. To craft sausages that elevate your offering, our butchers infuse premium pork, chicken or turkey with a symphony of herbs and spices. With a variety […]

Exceed expectations with gluten-friendly stuffed chicken cordons

Accommodate greater dietary preferences on your Winter menu with Intercity Packers’ gourmet product line of stuffed chicken cordons that feature premium, chef-inspired fillings and multiple breading options. Compared to other stuffed chicken products on the market, Intercity Packers’ cordons are low in sodium, made with superior ingredients, and as of today, available in a gluten-friendly option!

Differentiate your holiday menu with meat & seafood products that maximize profits

During the holiday season of previous years, restaurant goers’ demand for impeccable food and service has been fierce - and 2023 will be no different. According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association, “Nearly 60% of consumers say they plan to dine out at a restaurant during the holidays, while 50% intend to order takeout or delivery for a gathering at home. Another one in four say they plan to do both.”

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