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Indulge your culinary creativity with butcher-made sausages

February 8, 2024
Indulge your culinary creativity with butcher-made sausages

8 February 2024, Vancouver, BC  - Savour the difference that gourmet, butcher-made sausages bring to your menu or retail butcher case, while meeting demand for protein options that drive profitability. To craft sausages that elevate your offering, our butchers infuse premium pork, chicken or turkey with a symphony of herbs and spices.

With a variety of applications and sizes to choose from, our sausages can wow guests on your brunch and dinner menu alike. Find the right sausage for your menu between gourmet classics like bangers and bratwurst to innovative options, such as maple blueberry pork and sundried tomato turkey.

Reap the benefits of premium pork, chicken and turkey sausages:

Discover the right style of butcher-made sausage for your establishment


Opt for the Intercity Custom Meats sausages that are available in a natural casing to meet demand for gourmet protein options that drive profitability and have great eye appeal when showcased in a raw format in your butcher case.


Turkey and chicken sausages are specially crafted to meet demand for healthy proteins that offer exceptional flavour and a soft bite. Intercity Custom Meats poultry-based sausages are lower in sodium, fat and calories than their pork-based equivalents.


All sausages made by Intercity Custom Meats are ultimately designed with a chef in mind. Between the different varieties of flavour profiles, portion size and meat options, there is guaranteed to be a gourmet sausage that fits your menu application.

For a detailed product list of sausage flavours and specifications available at Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood, please review the guide available here: Sausage Product Guide.


In 1972, Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood started out providing beef, pork, lamb, chicken and game products to local restaurants. We are now Canada’s leading supplier of the highest quality meat and seafood products to restaurants, healthcare and education customers across Canada. Our trained staff have years of experience in custom cutting proteins. Because we produce food for the restaurant industry, our manufacturing plants are federally inspected and fully licensed, employing the high standards for food safety and quality assurance. With continuous innovation and the latest technology in the industry we provide safety, consistency, and leading-edge new products for our customers to meet evolving market trends and consumer preferences.

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