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Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood Celebrates 50 Years of Passion for Premium Service

1 February, 2022, Richmond, BC – Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood (ICP), Canada’s leading supplier of premium quality meat and seafood products for the foodservice industry, celebrates their 50th Anniversary this year.

Founded in 1972 by Gary Mathies and Jim Sarangi, the company first supplied beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and game to local restaurants from a facility in what is today’s Olympic Village in Vancouver, BC. As the company grew, additional facilities in Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal expanded their reach.

In 2002, Intercity was acquired by Gordon Food Service, a national broadline foodservice distributor, significantly expanding Intercity’s ability to serve customers coast to coast.

“Building on Gary and Jim’s vision, we’ve continued to grow the Intercity Packers brand,” said Dean Noble, Gordon Food Service Chief Operating Officer. “With four strategically located plants supporting our customers coast-to-coast, ICP has enabled us to be a market leader in fresh meat and seafood for foodservice in Canada.”

In 2019, Intercity Packers and Albion Fisheries combined to become Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood. Together their capabilities propelled them to become the national leader across all categories of specialized protein products.

As Intercity celebrates a rich, 50-year history of entrepreneurship, growth, and commitment to excellence, it has also proven resilient, forging ahead amid economic, supply chain, environmental, and staffing challenges, with its customers in clear focus.


Every story has a beginning, here’s ours.
We are committed to serving as the leading supplier of high-quality, value-added, and customized meat and seafood solutions across Canada.
Every story has a beginning,
here’s ours.
Customer is King
Intercity Packers Ltd (ICP) had equally humble beginnings and was founded in what now is known as the Olympic Village in Vancouver, BC by Gary Mathies and Jim Sarangi. Their meat product offerings began with beef, pork, lamb, chicken and game products and were sold to local restaurants.
After nearly two decades operating in Western Canada, Intercity Packers expands service to the prairies with a new production and distribution centre in Edmonton, Alberta.
Sense of Urgency
Gordon Food Service partners with Intercity Packers which allows for increased distribution of Intercity Packers’ meat products and exposure to a larger customer base.
Albion Fisheries expands East to Alberta as well and opens a location in Calgary. In the same year, Intercity Packers expands to Eastern Canada with a location in Toronto, Ontario.
Everyone is Important
Philosophy of sharing
Gordon Food Service partners with Albion Fisheries. This partnership allowed for the distribution of Albion Fisheries’ seafood products to be expanded across Canada.
Intercity Packers partners with Montcalm Meats in Montreal. The facility is rebranded to Intercity Packers or “Les Viandes Intercité” as they say in Montreal.
Rewards for performance
Networking organization
Albion Fisheries launches Sea Pact, a non-profit organization that consists of leading North American seafood companies dedicated to driving continuous improvement of social, economic and environmental responsibility in the global seafood supply chain.
Albion Farms & Fisheries is formed to combine the distribution and sales functions of Albion Fisheries and ICP in Alberta and British Columbia in order to offer value-added proteins across the entire center-of-the-plate category for Western Canada with improved efficiencies. Albion Farms & Fisheries headquarters were located in Richmond, BC and Edmonton, AB.
The decision is made to amalgamate the two companies, Albion Farms & Fisheries in Western Canada and ICP in Eastern Canada, nationally under one name which we are proud to announce is Intercity Packers. The company launches as the new and improved Intercity Packers with the same high-quality meat and seafood and customer service excellence that has always been the company’s priority.
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