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Fully Cooked Meat Makes "Cents"

The need to adapt to the demand for maximum efficiency and cutting-edge innovation in the foodservice industry has never been higher. Hence why our team has developed a fully cooked line of meat products that have a clean label, do not sacrifice quality, and are flexible enough so you can customize it to your menu […]

Intercity Packers Makes Comprehensive Commitment To Be A Leading Sustainable Seafood Distributor

Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood (Intercity Packers Ltd.) is committed to creating a company culture that is not only focused on our company's obligation to customer service and product quality, but also on sustainability of the seafood and meat products we provide our customers.  As Western Canada's premium protein distributor, we supply all center of […]

Intercity Packers and Albion Farms & Fisheries Announce Combination

Intercity Packers and Albion Fisheries Announce Combination. Customers will benefit from having one supplier for meat and seafood.

Certified Angus Beef is the Prime Choice for Intercity Packers

Beef lovers aren’t just your regular meat eaters. They take their cuisine to another level. ICP is happy to provide our clients with a full range of sub-primals and portion cut steaks from Certified Angus Beef ® that are guaranteed to make your guests rave about their dinner.

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