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Shop Intercity Announces Online Store Closure

February 28, 2023
Shop Intercity Announces Online Store Closure

28 February 2023, Vancouver, BC –  After serving the greater Vancouver community with restaurant-quality meat and seafood products for more than 2 years, Intercity Packers will be closing their online store, Shop Intercity, at the end of April.

For over 50 years, Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood has been a local provider of premium meat and seafood products across Canada. We have been a chef-driven company employing skilled in-house butchers who portion, grind and safely pack some of the best proteins available with locations in Richmond BC, Edmonton AB, and Montreal QC.

In 2020, our Richmond location endeavored into direct sales of Intercity products for local home cooks, foodies and aspiring chefs to enjoy a great restaurant experience in the comfort of their home. Shop Intercity was launched, and became a consistent source of high quality meat and seafood for curbside pick-up, or as an additional option, local delivery direct to the customer’s front door for added convenience. The pandemic offered the perfect time to offer direct delivery when grocery stores had restrictions and consumers were homebound.

Here’s a few comments from reviews about our products:

“As a Private Chef, I love ordering from Intercity.  The prices are excellent too. I also order Ribeye, Beef Short Rib and whole Organic Chicken.”

- Chef Maryam G. [12/26/2022 This review was collected from a verified customer who purchased this item.]
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“Honestly the best steaks I have ever had! I’ve ordered them numerous times and will continue to do so. I’ve told all my friends to order from here!”

- Sunny B. [11/18/2022 - This review was collected from a verified customer who purchased this item.]
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"Fantastic quality. Love ordering from intercity. We had also order artic char and was blown away by how fresh it was. The prices are excellent too. Have been referring a lot of friends to Intercity and now they can't stop purchasing from them. One friend who use to spend hundreds of dollars stocking up at Costco now used Intercity for all her protein products."

- Lily M. [4/10/2021 - This review was collected from a verified customer who purchased this item.]
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“It’s been a great experience for us to open up sales of our products direct to home consumers over the past couple of years,” says Brock Farrall, Director of Procurement and Marketing for Intercity Packers. “We were excited to bring unique and premium products that people in our area didn’t have access to through traditional grocery stores and wholesalers.”

Shop Intercity reached thousands of households during the span of the store operation. Some of the most popular products included Beef Wellington, Salmon Wellington, Ribeye Steaks, New York Steaks, Sockeye Salmon Fillets, and Lobster Tails.

Though the online store is closing, Intercity Packers will continue to be a vital part of the greater Vancouver community. We thank all Shop Intercity users for their ongoing support as we refocus our efforts back on our food service and retail customers. If you are a connoisseur of a great steak, raw oysters, perfectly prepared ocean fish, or a delicious burger, you can still enjoy our products at popular local restaurant destinations. 

If you need to get in touch with the Shop Intercity customer service team, please reach out at sales@shopintercity.ca or complete the following Contact Us form.

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In 1972, Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood started out providing beef, pork, lamb, chicken and game products to local restaurants. We are now Canada’s leading supplier of the highest quality meat and seafood products to restaurants, healthcare and education customers across Canada. Our trained staff have years of experience in custom cutting of proteins. Because we produce food for the restaurant industry, our manufacturing plants are federally inspected and fully licensed, employing the high standards for food safety and quality assurance. With continuous innovation and the latest technology in the industry we provide safety, consistency, and leading-edge new products for our customers to meet evolving market trends and consumer preferences.

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