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Raise The Steaks with Certified Angus Beef® Prime.

August 28, 2022
Raise The Steaks with Certified Angus Beef® Prime.

Certified Angus Beef® Prime is in a class of its own.

29 August 2022, Vancouver, BC –  For a true Canadian beef aficionado, only the very best beef can satisfy their exclusive tastes. Certified Angus Beef® Prime’s quality requirements elevate premium beef to be truly exceptional. Its incomparable flavour, quality and tenderness create a craveable experience for the most dedicated steak connoisseurs.

Canadian Certified Angus Beef® Prime is more selective than other Canada Prime beef.*

Here’s why Certified Angus Beef® Prime is the best.

• Only high-quality Angus cattle—the butcher’s breed—are eligible, ensuring superior muscling and more uniform, consistent plate presentations.

• Sourced solely from “A” maturity beef harvested at the proper time to ensure the utmost tenderness. (Canada Prime has no maturity requirement.)

• Requires the same amount of marbling—Slightly abundant or higher—as Canada Prime, but also requires finely textured marbling to deliver consistent flavour and juiciness in every bite.

Several additional standards address consistent sizing, quality appearance and tenderness.

Meat Our Ranchers

The Belsham Family, Houston, BC Canada
One of many ranching families raising the best Angus beef.

Tanya Belsham was born the same year her parents, Frank and Dianne Stimbold, bought their first Angus cows. It was the start of a superior herd for the Stimbolds and a foreshadowing hint of what young Tanya would one day make her career. Before meeting her husband, Monty, and having their son, Taylor, Tanya did leave the ranch to work as a real estate agent. It wasn’t long before the enticing rural life and ties to family brought her back to the black-hided animals she loves so much. She says it’s her honour to continue a legacy her family started long ago and to share it with her two granddaughters.

Q: Why do you raise Angus cattle?

A: “The main reason is because I wanted to do something with my family. My dad raised cattle until he passed in 2015, and my sister, Lia, still cares for a herd,” Tanya shares. “I did spend some time away from the ranch, but it just made me realize how important this lifestyle and my family are to me.”

Q: Why is it important for ranchers to share their traditions?

A: “It’s up to us to teach the next generation about where their food comes from. Sharing why we do what we do is an important part of that,” Tanya says. “One of my favourite ways to do that is walking around the ranch with my granddaughters, showing them the cattle and land.”

Q: What does ranching provide that other jobs don’t?

A: “It’s the wide open spaces for me,” Tanya says. “There’s nothing greater than sitting in the field and watching healthy calves running around in the sunshine. That scene is a satisfying reminder that whatever you put in, you get back out.”

“My family has been here for over 100 years, and we’re blessed to see the heritage continue.”

This rare Angus beef is raised and custom cut in Canada and is available nationally from Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood. Whatever your current standard is for a premium steak, you can raise the bar with Certified Angus Beef® Prime.

To discover the superior quality of this beef, contact Intercity Packers and speak to an expert.

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