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SausagesFlavour Profile
Banger SausageOur top seller! This British pork sausage is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner
Maple Pork Breakfast SausageReal maple syrup and subtle spicing compliments this sausage
Maple & Blueberry Pork Breakfast SausageOur Maple Pork Breakfast Sausage with the sweet and sour dried blueberries
Turkey Breakfast SausageA hint of lemon makes this sausage unique and delicious
Turkey Sun-dried Tomato SausageWith tangy sun-dried tomatoes and subtle spices
Mild Italian Pork SausageFlavored with traditional spices including fennel seeds
Italian Turkey SausageMade with turkey and the same great seasoning as our Italian sausage
Bavarian BratwurstThis German sausage comes in a natural casing. Juicy, delicious and great with beer
Chicken & Apple SausageDried Wenatchee apples and a touch of thyme blended with ground chicken.
Turkey & Apple SausageSame great taste as the chicken sausage but made with turkey
Chorizo SausageA hot and zesty Spanish style chorizo. Also sold in a patty and bulk ground format.
Pork Sausage PattyThis savory round patty is perfect for breakfast and breakfast sandwiches
Veggie SausageOur soy based veggie sausage will satisfy non-meat eaters and meat eaters alike
CordonsFlavour Profile
Chicken Cordon Apple BrieSweet tart apple combines perfectly with chives and smooth brie cheese in this sumptuous cordon
Chicken Cordon Kiev*Simple but not plain, this cordon is bursting with garlic butter and herbs.
Chicken Cordon NeptuneThe sweetness of shrimp and scallops is paired with garlic butter in this luxurious filling
Chicken Cordon Cheddar, Chive and BaconA modern version of the Cordon Bleu
Chicken Cordon Bleu*Our signature Cordon is made with Black Forest ham and creamy havarti cheese.
Chicken Cordon Chicken Parm*A delicious blend of tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese
Chicken Cordon CanadianParents ever feed you broccoli with melted cheddar cheese? We did all the time and that was the inspiration for this filling.
Chicken Cordon Pulled PorkSeasonal Only. Filled with savory pulled pork and BBQ sauce.
WellingtonsFlavour Profile
Beef WellingtonThese individual portions are made with AA and higher beef tenderloin, with mushroom, bacon and thyme scented duxelles.
Salmon WellingtonSalmon with a delicious, creamy spinach and artichoke (cream cheese, mozzarella, parmesan and asiago) filling
KabobsFlavour Profile
Traditional SkewerChoose from cubed chicken breast, chicken thigh, Certified Angus Beef or standard beef on this bamboo skewer
Souvlaki SkewerChoose from diced chicken breast, chicken thigh, or lamb marinated in traditional souvlaki spices
Satay SkewerInstead of cubed meat, we interweave chicken breast for that traditional satay look
Cooked ItemsFlavour Profile
MeatballsComes in various sizes and spice blends including: original, Certified Angus Beef, Swedish-style, and Italian-style
Beef BurgersAll of our pre-cooked burgers come with grill marks and are available in a round patty format or slider size. We also carry a Certified Angus Beef only version.
Various Beef CutsChoose from braised chuck short ribs, as well as Certified Angus Beef pot roast, smoked brisket and medium rare inside round!
Additional Value AddedFlavour Profile
Beef & Pork MeatloafA custom blend of beef and pork go into this extra rich meatloaf
Beef MeatloafA classic meatloaf that can be cooked & sliced as your centre of the plate offering or wedged into a sandwich
Turkey Quinoa MeatloafGround turkey seasoned with fresh basil and asiago cheese
Porchetta RoastPork belly wrapped pork loin seasoned with fresh sage, rosemary, garlic, olive oil, chilies and fennel seeds. Comes in two options: either skin on or skinless pork belly.
Pork TonkatsuJapanese style pork cutlet breaded with panko crumbs
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