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GrindsFlavour Profile
Ground BeefAvailable in chuck, chuck/brisket combo, kobe-style, and many more
Ground PorkChoose from standard pork, pork butt and various flavourings including chorizo
Ground LambPerfect for lamb burgers, gyros, kofta and more
Ground ChickenChoose from ground breast or thigh
Burgers & SlidersFlavour Profile
Prime Rib Burger & SliderJuicy and lightly spiced with a prime rib flavour
Smash BurgerA thick, unseasoned patty perfect for smashing on a griddle
Certified Angus Beef BurgerPure CAB beef with a full, rich flavour
Bison BurgerA great alternative to beef due to its lower calories and less impact on the environment, but still offers exceptional flavour
Kobe-style BurgerGround kobe-style beef formed into a patty to create a highly cravable burger
Chop Prime BurgerOnly Prime graded beef is used in this extra rich burger
Chef Choice's BurgerA full flavoured burger with chives and a hint of chili
Craft Beef BurgerLightly seasoned with a rich beefy flavour and no binder
Sante Fe Turkey Burger & SliderSeasoned with Tex Mex spices
Veggie BurgerLightly seasoned soy-based burger with a "meaty" texture
Harvest Veggie BurgerSame soy base as our veggie burger with mixed vegetables added for colour and texture
Cooked ItemsFlavour Profile
MeatballsComes in various sizes and spice blends including: original, Certified Angus Beef, Swedish-style, and Italian-style
Beef BurgersAll of our pre-cooked burgers come with grill marks and are available in a round patty format or slider size. We also carry a Certified Angus Beef only version.
Various Beef CutsChoose from braised chuck short ribs, as well as Certified Angus Beef pot roast, smoked brisket and medium rare inside round!
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