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Meet the Better Burger

January 16, 2018
Meet the Better Burger

What does it take to make the perfect burger? Is it the sauce? The type of bun you use? Toasted or not? What about the ingredients? Fresh, organic, local? Some people like peanut butter on their burgers. Some like a big fat onion ring. Some just like it plain with a little bit of ketchup.

But all would agree that a great burger always starts with the meat.

The hamburger is one of your staple menu items. It’s the feel-good choice and it’s so versatile. Your guests arrive, sit down, order drinks, and open the menu. There they find not just one burger, but a plethora of gourmet choices your kitchen or your executive chef has created from just a simple base: a good, well-rounded, tender meat patty that’s seared to perfection.

You could create those patties in the kitchen, but that would take time away from building, tweaking, and monitoring the whole menu and making sure your guests are happy.

Don’t worry – we got you.

Albion Farms & Fisheries has just introduced a new machine to our family – the Burger Former – a high-speed production meat former that is designed to make the perfect hamburger patty. It offers endless possibilities with precision in mind – perfectly formed, exactly weighted and the right temperature, so that each burger patty is ensured even cooking and only the finest ingredients are included. We can make it pure beef, chicken, turkey or any other protein.

The difference is in the texture and the look – most conventional meat processors use a high-pressure form to create their patties. That damages tender meat fibers and creates a uniform look that looks, well, manufactured. But the Burger Former uses a gentle, low-pressure to form the burgers, creating a patty that looks and tastes like it was made right in your kitchen. Meat fibres aren’t crushed and destroyed. They are tender, juicy, and light. Because you can’t have a good burger without an excellent patty.

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