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Introducing Bayside Intercity Packers Brand New Skin Pack Retail Line

September 5, 2018
Introducing Bayside Intercity Packers Brand New Skin Pack Retail Line

At Intercity Packers we’re proud to have earned a reputation for supplying the best meat and seafood available in the marketplace to restaurants, retail, and other food service establishments. Building on that reputation, we are very proud to introduce our new retail line, Bayside, to the Canadian marketplace! Check out our new website to learn more about the brand: www.baysideseafood.ca.

Our Bayside product line includes the following frozen seasoned seafood portions (2 x 4 oz portions per tray):

  1. Wild Sockeye Salmon With Herbs & Pink Peppercorn Seasoning
  2. Kuterra Salmon With Mediterranean Garlic Seasoning
  3. Wild Pacific Cod With Lemon & Dill Seasoning

What makes Bayside unique is our use of skin pack technology to package our seafood. The skin packaging process uses specially formulated top and bottom webs to create a vacuum skin pack that fits around the product like a second skin, giving it a natural look for maximum merchandising appeal. The top shrink web wraps itself firmly but gently around every contour of the product without distorting its shape. As an added bonus, this technology will add approximately 2 – 3 more days of shelf-life to fresh product!

Besides our unique packaging, Bayside features seafood that is traceable and approved by Ocean Wise. In addition, consumers can be informed on the back story of where that fish came from because it is written right on the label. Bayside is committed to maintaining its position, not just with the quality of the seafood we buy and sell, but also the health of our oceans. Through constant engagement with our suppliers, we are able to maintain a safe and eco-friendly environment for both our wild and farmed seafood products. We aim to be a model of sustainability in the Canadian seafood marketplace and to continue to be a proactive and innovative leader.

Bayside products are the perfect fit for consumers who value any of the following: delicious, easy-to-prepare, healthy, or sustainably-sourced seafood dishes. We offer only the highest-quality and most eco-friendly seafood with some unique and delightful flavour combinations. Best of all, our meals take just 30 minutes to prepare. You can relax knowing you fed your family a meal that is not only healthy for them but healthy for our oceans.

Simple. Sustainable. Seafood.

Interested in carrying our Bayside product line? Please contact your AFF Account Manager who can arrange samples for you.

Or, are you interested in taking advantage of skin packs for your own retail line? Please contact your Intercity Packers Account Manager or shoot us an email at info@baysideseafood.ca

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