White Stripe Lamb is Above the Rest

Although lamb may conjure up images of family dinners served when the ground is beginning to thaw, and the blooms are beginning to unfurl, it’s really a versatile kind of meat that can be served at any point. That’s why Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood ensures that we supply our chefs with the world’s best table lamb all year round – White Stripe Premium Australian Lamb.

Lamb is a great alternative to beef or other red meat, especially when you consider how many cuts of meat you can serve from it. Juicy tenderloin, striploin, rib chops, slow-cooked shoulders, barbeque cutlets, Frenched rack of lamb, shanks, and legs are just a few of the cuts available. And they’re well-suited for all types of dishes – curries, flame-grilled, stews, and roasts. Served family-style or plated, White Stripe Lamb is a delicious cut of meat. It’s low in cholesterol and high in monounsaturated fats.


White Stripe Lamb is created specifically to produce large eye muscles, tenderness, and marbling, but always a mild flavour, because we know a lot of diners don’t know what they’re missing when they skip the lamb. It isn’t until they try a bite of White Stripe Lamb, artfully converted into a juicy, tender morsel, that they exclaim, “That’s lamb? It’s so good!”

It’s always the flavour that stops a diner.

White Stripe uses a unique Second Cross program to develop high quality lambs ideal for consumption. By cross-breeding the Merino Ewe with Border Leicester Rams and then breeding the first cross Ewe with European Poll Dorset or Suffolk Rams, White Stripe has created a lamb with a tender and mild flavour, large eye muscles, natural marbling, and consistent eating qualities. White Stripe Lamb is also generally a larger size than many other lamb breeds. While a typical New Zealand lamb may end up around 16 kilos, a White Stripe lamb will weigh generally in the 24-kilo range.

The lambs are 100% fed on all-natural grass pastures, such as clover, rye grass, and lucerne. The farmers rotate the feeding to ensure the animal gets to the right weight in the right time, and to ensure a high-protein intake. This also helps create the right marbling that gives White Stripe Lamb its distinct mild flavour, and succulence.

White Stripe Lamb goes through a 35-40 day aging process. It arrives directly to our facilities every two weeks ready to be distributed to chefs’ kitchens throughout western Canada.

It’s the kind of lamb you can use for delicious and unique appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, such as grilled lamb Sonoma skewers with blackberry sauce, or hearty pasta dishes like lamb ragù, or roasted rack of lamb for dinner entrees that make guests rave. It’s a gourmet meat that can be presented in so many ways.

We’ve built a great relationship with White Stripe for over 15 years. They’ve shared their knowledge of superior quality meat with us and we love passing it along to our chefs because we know it sets their dishes apart from the competition. If you haven’t ordered lamb from us before, consider it a fantastic opportunity to introduce your diners to a versatile and delicious cut of meat.