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Celebrate 25 Years With Certified Angus Beef and Intercity Packers

May 14, 2021

This year marks a special anniversary between the Certified Angus Beef brand and Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood. in 1996, The Certified Angus Beef brand was brought into Western Canada for the first time, with Intercity Packers as the exclusive food service distributor. To celebrate this great milestone, which changed the landscape of the Canadian beef industry forever, the team at Intercity Packers are releasing a commemorative seal, which can be seen in June on all Certified Angus Beef products. Be on the lookout for this special seal on your beef.

Intercity Packers’ extensive Certified Angus Beef brand offerings, from custom-cut steaks, burgers, value added cooked products, and more, have led to incredible growth that Gordon Food Service and Intercity Custom Meat seek out for outstanding quality and consistency.

Certified Angus Beef

This partnership has grown a monstrous amount, in fact, across all 4 Canadian Intercity Packers location, in these last 25 years they have sold over

This 25 year celebration of their amazing partnership is only the beginning of the growth we can expect to have in the future. Whether your establishment has been procuring the brand for a few months, or was an early adopter all those years ago, thank you for supporting the brand!

Stay tuned as there are many more exciting announcements to come in honour of the 25 Year anniversary.

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