Beef Striploin Steak CC W/C 285grams


  • Raw Material:

    • Beef Striploin Boneless
    • Canada AAA or higher – Certified Angus Beef (C.A.B.)
    • Aged to a minimum of 21 days


    Product Process: The whole striploin is passed through a needle tenderizer. Exterior fat is trimmed according to specification and 1” of the backstrap is removed. The striploin is trimmed to the specified length of tail meat. The bone cartilage and excess finger meat is to be removed from the lean side of the striploin.

    Packaging Process: The whole striploin is packaged in a vacuum-sealed poly plastic pouch. The packages are placed in a corrugated cardboard box and hand sealed with packing tape. The finished boxes are stored in the cooler.

    Storage Requirements: Keep
    Refrigerated @ (≤ 3oC).

  • Pack Size: 5 pcs per case

    Case Weight: 20kg

    Sold by the: Kg

    Case Dimensions: W = 37.8cm x L = 49.2cm x H = 16.9cm

    Labeling: Each case is to indicate the
    Production and Age Dates.